Steering Committee

Anthony Delitto, PT PhD (Project Principal Investigator, Pittsburgh) is Professor and Dean of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Pittsburgh. He is primarily interested in conducting evidence-based studies in rehabilitation settings, particularly in populations with musculoskeletal dysfunction (e.g., low back pain).

Robert Saper, MD MPH (Project Co-Principal Investigator, Boston) is Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Integrative Medicine in Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine's Department of Family Medicine. His research interests include non-pharmacological approaches to pain management such as yoga and safety of traditional Indian medicines.

Gerard Brennan, PT PhD (Site Principal Investigator, Salt Lake City) is Director of Clinical Quality and Outcomes Research at Intermountain Healthcare Rehabilitation Services. He has been a practicing physical therapist for over 40 years and has conducted multiple research studies on low back pain.

David Morrisette, PT PhD (Site Principal Investigator, Charleston) is Professor and Director of Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Health Professions at Medical University of South Carolina. His major areas of research interest include manual physical therapy for pain conditions such as osteoarthritis and spinal cord injuries.

Stephen Wegener, PhD ABPP (Site Principal Investigator, Baltimore) is Director of Division of Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology and Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University. His clinical activity is focused on providing psychological services to persons with chronic illness or traumatic injuries including chronic pain, amputation and traumatic injury.

Marie Mulloney (Patient Investigator) is a low back pain patient from Pittsburgh, PA. She has a background in management consulting that has required her to engage with diverse stakeholders to design and implement information systems and improve organizational performance in a wide variety of industries, including acute care hospitals. Ms. Mulloney received a BA in English and MPIA in Public Policy from University of Pittsburgh as well as a PhD in Systematic Theology from Duquesne University.

Jewel Cash (Patient Investigator) is a chronic pain patient from Boston, MA. She graduated from Suffolk University with a BA in Sociology and Spanish. She has also received a certificate in Graduate Business Management Studies from Lesley University. She is a committed community servant and activist focused on the needs and concerns of youth and their families. Her work has been documented in local and national newspapers. Ms. Cash is a longtime patient of Boston Medical Center and the affiliated South End Community Health Center.